Saturday, September 19, 2020

Trades 31 & 32

These 2 trades are also from the twitter thread claim and leave.  First is a Jake Rogers 2020 Panini Diamond Kings #DKMS-JR Jersey/Auto cool card I actual like this even with no logos maybe because he's a catcher with gear on not as noticeable. The second trade was for a couple Ravens rookies I didn't have Duvernay & Huntley and they throw in Brown and a Huddle card. The last 3 are 3 older Ravens from 2011 Donruss Elite.


  1. That Score design looks really nice and I like the Rogers as well. I'm glad to see you're having plenty of luck trading!

    1. It's the only way to add to the autograph collection without a ton of funds with no in person autographs now it's major hit to my hobby. Also, nice way to add new & old Ravens.