Saturday, September 5, 2020

Lance Alworth

I added this Beckett Authentic encapsulated autographed 3x5 of Lance Alworth to my Football HOF collection.  Lance is the 218th autograph in the HOF collection.  I purchased this on EBay using the HAPPY25 $25 off code last week. So was very affordable and a nice addition at less than $10. His nickname was Bambi and played mostly for the San Diego Chargers 1962-70 & a couple seasons with the Dallas Cowboys 1971-72, He was enshrined into the Hall of Fame in 1978.


  1. Nice purchase. Lance Alworth is another one of those legends who don't have a lot of certified autographs out there.

    1. I haven't really seen anything of his on the cheaper side, I had been watching this one for awhile but couldn't pull the trigger at full price was hoping something would come up for less but the HAPPY25 made it a deal!

    2. That was pretty cool of eBay to hook up members with that coupon. I didn't grab an autograph, but I did use it on a card I wanted that I'll blog about this week.