Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Culp & Hampton

I had purchased these 2 needed football HOFers last week from Ebay.  Nice additions number 209 & 210 to the collection.  Curly Culp 2018 Panini Absolute Iconic Ink # II-CC & then the Dan Hampton 2017 NSCC Beckett Magazine Cover Redemption Says were 400 sets not sure how many are signed these are metal like a printing plate pretty cool item.  The seller of the Culp added 6 other cards including a TB12.


  1. It's weird how they slapped on that sticker so haphazardly. I mean... I know they did it that way, so you could see the blue ink better, but it would have been cooler to have Hampton sign the sticker with a silver paint pen, so it'd pop off the dark blue jersey.