Saturday, May 2, 2020

BFG Prize

Last Friday night I played in John's BFG game on his blog and won the following cards that arrived in the mail today. See his blog to get in on the fun.
1) Oversize 1984 Donruss Dale Murphy
2) Mark Brunell 1996 Donruss IP autograph. (Note on Brunell he played a few times in Baltimore against the Ravens and I asked him towards end of his career to sign as he exited the tunnel, since he had been in town a few times and never stopped to sign he turned and yelled "And I never f@$&ing will"). So nice he he signed somewhere at sometime........
Thanks John!


  1. He must have signed a ton in Jax, all of the time. I have/had a slew of his signed cards that I've been sending to SCC who collect Brunell.

    1. Always seemed grump and acted like an ass but that was on the road and we were the enemy so maybe just his gameface! lol