Friday, April 17, 2020

USA Baseball

I purchased 2 lots off Ebay from the same dealer. first lot was 2007 USA Baseball Autos & the 2nd was 2008 USA Baseball.  A nice mix of players, autos, Numbered, Jersey's & Q&A's. A couple of the key Major Leaguers here were Logan Forsythe, Jordy Mercer, Joe Kelly & Ryan Flaherty.


  1. 2008 seems like yesterday. The good news is we can finally start looking at these guys and know who has made it and who hasn't. I have some 2017 or maybe it's 2018 Panini Team USA autographs that I'm sitting on to see if I'm holding a feature the autograph of a future hall of famer or not.

    1. Fuji,
      I don't believe I got any HOFers but did get a few solid players and I like the designs and look of these cards and are all nice additions to the collection.