Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Dwayne Missouri

I purchased this Autographed Dwayne Missouri 8x10 off Ebay. I had been in need of his auto for a few years now since he been with the Ravens and found this one at the right price.  The photo is from when he was in the Arena League with the Philadelphia Soul.


  1. I miss the Arena League football. Don't really pay attention to it ever since it left San Jose. Cool to see some of the players went on to play in the NFL.

    1. I believe Dwayne went the other way was a Ravens draft pick ans was with them a couple seasons then bounced around different teams and leagues. whole career below
      Baltimore Ravens (2001)
      Dallas Cowboys (2001)
      →Berlin Thunder (2002)
      San Francisco 49ers (2003)*
      Colorado Crush (2003)
      Philadelphia Soul (2004−2007)
      Utah Blaze (2008)