Monday, March 25, 2019

Steve Aoki

Last night I went to the spring concert at York College of Pennsylvania that featured Steve Aoki with warm up act DJ Money.  DJ Money was on for about 30 minutes.  Then Steve Aoki came out and did his thing for an hour and forty minutes.  I waited after the show for about an hour and was able to get a picture with Steve and a couple autographs.  The show was interesting I was probably the oldest person there except for maybe a couple professors that were there.  He went through 5 cakes launching them at the crowd I was no where near that activity if I was 20 I probably would be tho....

Steve Aoki Autographed pictures
Steve Aoki @ York College 

DJ Money & I

Steve Aoki full stage & screens

Me & Steve Aoki


  1. Awesome! I'd love to add his signature to my Japanese PC one day.

    1. Yeah think I got the quick ones I’ve seen where he does it in block letters and is kinda artistic flair to his graph I’m happy with these and thought you might like this!