Saturday, March 9, 2019


Everett and I went to Baltimore Soundstage for the sold out Queensryche, Fates Warning & The Cringe (Rachael Ray's Husband's band) on March 7th.  The show started at 8 pm with The Cringe playing a 30 minute set then Fates Warning played about 45 minutes the concert ended with the headliners Queensryche playing a 15 song hour and half set as Todd La Torre stated they have revamped the set-list with the release of the new album The Verdict on March 1st. half the set is now off the last 3 albums that are all with Todd as Singer the remainder of the set is sprinkled with the older "Classic" Ryche songs, I was able to get one of the drummer set-lists see below for order of all songs played and a few pictures.

Queensryche Set-List 3/7/19 Baltimore Soundstage


Michael Wilton

Parker Lundgren & Michael Wilton

Eddie Jackson

Todd La Torre

Fates Warning 
The Cringe

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