Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Struts

A few of us went to Club XL last night for The Struts The Body Talk Tour along with The Parlor Mob concert.  The Parlor Mob hit the stage about 9:15 and plated 45 minutes.  Then it was time for the headliners The Struts who went on at 10:30 and played til midnight.  The Struts were great and I recommend seeing them live, great songs (including a couple covers from Springsteen & Bowie), a lot of fan interaction, high energy.  I was close enough to get Jed Elliott to throw me a pick and I did catch it so it's in the collection now. They had a meet & greet  before the show that we didn't pay for think it was $120 each, and the had security in the alley were the bus was parked so didn't get any autographs.

The Struts Gethin Davies

The Struts Jed Elliott

The Struts Luke Spiller

The Struts Adam Slack

The Parlor Mob's Sam Bey

The Parlor Mob's Mark Melicia

The Parlor Mob's Gianni Scalise

The Parlor Mob's Paul Ritchie & ?

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