Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Deceased HOFers

I had sold a Mac Miller autograph after he died in the hopes of flipping it into some HOFers I needed and wouldn't be able to get in person.  So I purchased these 10 PSA Autographs  9 of the 10 are deceased so fit the bill of what I was looking for , the following is who I got and break-down by sport.  Nice additions to the HOF Collection.
Football HOFers:
1) Leo Nomellini.
2) Jim Taylor.
3) Tony Canadeo.
4) Ray Flaherty.
5) Gene Upshaw.
Baseball HOFers:
6) Al Lopez.
7) Ted Lyons.
8) Carl Hubbell.
Hockey HOFers:
9) Frank Mahovlich.
10) Dickie Moore.


  1. Wow! I've heard his name a bunch, but I still don't know exactly who Mac Miller is/was (and I don't really care tbh), selling his auto to get all of these seems like it was a really good deal though -- I especially like the football portion of your haul.

    1. Best is I had 2 so still have one in collection! And would never be able to get these guys so nice to be able to fill some holes.

  2. Wow. Nice haul. Especially love those signed Parkies.

  3. Yeah wasn’t going to get the Mahovlich since still alive but figured I’d get both.