Friday, July 13, 2018

2018 MLB Fanfest

Mike and I went to the opening day of this years MLB All-Star Fanfest.  It was a good autograph day as we were able to get 13 of the 15 attendees that were there.  The 2 we missed were the 2 HOFers Juan Marichal & Rollie Fingers which wasn't a big deal since we both had gotten them at York Sports Night events in the past.  As for the experience it was good autograph lines weren't to bad had register which is were we made a mistake not getting Marichal first we did Livan Hernandez and that locked us out of the 3 early tables we were able to get other two tables as overflow/non-register people.  Lots of freebies picture below of posters, pennants, bags, T-Shirt, Bobblehead(Zimmerman mini), Topps Custom Cards & Pictures with guests etc.  Total of 13 signers total of 47 autographs.
1) Ryan Church - 13 Cards (Station & Opening Ceremony).
2) Justin Maxwell - 4 Cards(Station & Opening Ceremony).
3) Lisa Fernandez - Sports Illustrated & 2 3x5's (Table & Opening Ceremony).
4) Livan Hernandez - Offical NL Ball inscribed 1997 WS MVP (Station).
5) Manny Sanguillen - 2 8x10's & 2 Cards (Station).
6) Carlos Baerga - 3 Cards (Station).
7) Alex Gonzalez - 3 Cards (Station).
8) Jamey Carroll - 6 Cards (Station)
9) Maybelle Blair - Card & Magazine (Table).
10) Shirley Burkovich - Card & Magazine (Table).
11) Jeanne Descombes - Card & Magazine (Table).
12) Mary Moore - Card & Magazine (Table).
13) Lois Youngen - Card & Magazine (Table).

Justin Maxwell
Manny Sanguillen

Alex Gonzalez

Carlos Baerga & I

World Series Trophy

Lisa Fernandez & I and some Metals!

Livan Hernandez & I

Ryan Church

Fanfest Enterance

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  1. Wow. Some really cool names. I don't really follow softball, but I remember reading about her highlights back in the day.