Sunday, July 22, 2018

2018 All-Star Futures & Softball Game

Last Sunday 4 of us went to Nationals Park for the annual Futures game & Legends/Celebrity Softball game.  It was a long day we went down early thinking we might be able to get some autographs as people arrived but we were shutout stadium opened at 2 pm for batting practice so we tried to get to an area we could try for autos but with the netting up and the way Nationals Park is it wasn't easy.  We did find an area on the concourse where the softball players were doing interviews and taking batting practice in cages so was able to get some Autos there during the Futures game and then during the Softball game we went back outside the stadium for some of the Futures players until we left.  With driving time it was a total of about 14 hour day...... Then got up at 3 am to drive to Philly airport to start our vacation cruise. :)  The following is what and who I got a total of 22 people and 26 autographs:  All in all a nice day - autographs, baseball/softball, bobblehead giveaway,  Racing Presidents & Between games a couple songs performed by Florida Georgia Line!
1) Tim Kurkjian - Program.
2) Scott Rogowsky - Program.
3) Ashley Greene-Khoury - Program.
4) Josh Norman - Program & 8x10.
5) Donovan Carter - Program.
6) Jessica Mendoza - Program & SI Cover.
7) Taylor Kinney - Program.
8) Jennie Finch - Program.
9) Cody Rice (Wounded Warrior) - Program.
10) Paul Khoury - Program.
11) Dakota Hudson - Program.
12) C.D. Pelham - Program.
13) Kyle Wright - Program.
14) Andrew Knizner - Program.
15) Kieran Lovegrove - Program & a Card.
16) Matt Manning - a Card.
17) Carter Kieboom - a Card.
18) Dylan Cease - a Card.
19) Joel Hanrahan - a Card.
20) Carlos Pena - a Card.
21) Mike "The Miz" Mizanin - 8x10.
22) Bill Nye - 8x10 & Photo Border??

Norman & Nye

Racing Presidents

Buddy Reed

Florida Georgia Line

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