Monday, May 15, 2017

Tim Tebow & Columbia Fireflies @ Delmarva

Most of what we saw in Delmarva 

 Keith and I had schedule to take a half day off work and make the trek to Salisbury, MD to see the Columbia Fireflies and Tim Tebow vs. Dalmarva Shorebirds for a newly scheduled 6:05 Doubleheader the  problem was the weather, as it was SUPPOSED to be a chance of showers turned out to be 3 1/2 hours of rain for the drive down  and then 2 hours standing in the rain from the gates opening at 5pm until Columbia came out to warm up close to 7 pm for a few minutes until they were told to go back into the locker as more rain was coming.  Tebow did sign a couple autographs before warming up and then more after they were told to go back to locker room problem being it had started to rain again and Tim used his pen by the time I was able to drop my SI to him it was pretty much a spent sharpie see pictures below. I was able to get Luis Carpio and Jonathan Hurst on cards I had before the Tebow began signing.  So almost a total wash out as it was an 11 hour adventure didn't see 1 pitch and got an almost readable autograph from Tebow and 6 cards signed. Oh well maybe another time lol you collect regularly stuff happens.  I did get a SGA Delmarva Shorebirds hat as we were 1 of the 1st 500.

Tim Tebow & Fireflies warming up
Tim Tebow signed SI? 

The actual Tim Tebow watered down autograph

Jonathan Hurst & Luis Carpio autographs


  1. A faded Tebow auto is still better than no Tebow auto, that's for certain!