Friday, May 19, 2017

Scott Stapp York PA

I went to the Pullo Center in York, PA last night to see the acoustic concert by former lead singer of Creed Scott Stapp along with opening acts Art of Dying (Who I actually went for) & Willet.  Was a great time and show Willet opened with a quick 4 song 20 minute set and then Art of Dying 8 song set of about 45 minutes and Scott played for 90 minutes and 14-15 songs as they added a tribute to Chris Cornell (Black Hole Sun) that isn't on the setlist if your into this genre of music the tribute and performance has gone national on Blabbermouth, Loudwire, youtube alternativention etc websites.  I was able to get autographs of everyone but Scott Stapp I didn't pay for the M&G that went to Child Fund Charity and waited about half an hour after the show and went home.
1) Jeremy Willet - CD booklet & CD.
2) Justin Willet - CD Booklet & CD.
Art of Dying:
3) Jonny Hetherington - Set-list.
4) Tavis Stanley - Set-list. Also got a pick.
5) Cale Gontier - Set-list.
6) Cody Watkins - Set-list.
Scott Stapp Band:
7) Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - Set-list & Ticket. Also got a pick.
8) Ben Flanders - Set-list & Ticket.
9) Dango Cellan - Set-list & Ticket.
10) Eli Reskow - Set-list & Ticket.

Art of Dying Signed Set-list & Tavis Stanley Pick

Bumblefoot Pick and signed ticket and Scott Stapp Set-list

Willet Signed CD

Jeremy & Justin Willet

Art of Dying Acoustic set.

Scott Stapp & Band 

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal

Scott Stapp
Short clip link below of Black Hole Sun Tribute for Chris Cornell

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