Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ravens Flock Festival

On Saturday Dave and I attended the Baltimore Ravens Draft Flock Festival we purchased entry and autograph session. The autograph session were a secret as you didn't know who was in your session until they basically showed up not the best way to do it in my opinion so no planning bring all my Ravens stuff and hope it someone you wanted from the list of names that were announced.  Our session was Danny Woodhead and Jermaine Lewis so not bad as I needed Woodhead and I had 8x10's from Super Bowl XXXV for Lewis.  Other highlights of the event included the team store with Game Used items locker room tours Lombardi Trophy photo ops etc..... Along with trying get other players as they came into the stadium which was good to Ogden didn't sign and I missed Flacco as he signed on way in but not out and I was in line for my auto session when he arrived.  I bought a Game-used Jersey C.Williams thought it was Calvin Williams but doing research he was 80 not the 89 which is on the jersey so thinking it was 1997 pre-season when he got his usual # but then didn't make the team. Still a nice Jersey with the original Raven bird sleeve logo and it's from Russell Athletics and for $50 not a bad deal. I got a total of 12 layers and 28 autographs.
1) Bobby Humphrey - 3x5. (Marlon's Dad ex Denver Bronco).
2) Tony Jefferson - 8x10, SI Cover, Flock Festival Program & 3x5.
3) Brandon Carr - 8x10 & 3x5.
4) Danny Woodhead - 8x10, Card & Ticket Stub.
5) Jermaine Lewis - 5 8x10's.
6) Edwin Mulitalo - 8x10 & Flock festival program.
7) Jeff Blackshear - Flock festival program.
8) Carl Davis - 3 Cards.
9) C.J. Mosley - 3 Cards & 8x10.
10) Vonta Leach - a Card.
11) Crockett Gillmore - a Card.
12) Matt Judon - Flock festival program.

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