Sunday, April 30, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Experience

On Friday I went to the Parkway in Philadelphia for the outdoor Fanfest type event put on in connection with the 3-day NFL Draft running April 27-29. The main attraction for me was the autograph signings the VISA, NFL Shops & Panini were having.  I didn't get the 2 man signers as lines were cut off prior to me getting to them for Donovan McNabb & Randall Cunningham. I was able to get everyone in the Panini autograph stage they ran it all day with a new signer every hour a total of 6 different.  Was also able to get both that VISA had at there tent I was actually first in line for LeVeon Bell (He would only sign the hand out blank card ugh!)  at Panini stage was 1 per but would what you had or the blank card they had you would have thought that maybe be your business they would have had something with the players picture or made up oversize cards or  regular size cards but guess they felt it wasn't worth the effort to me didn't make them look good or proper representation you want to show potential new customers but hey who am I.   they also had some Q&A's (Carson Wentz & Adam Schefter) and Oikos photo op with Jeremiah Trotter. The following is what I got done in the 6 hours or so I was there.
Autographs (9 people & 12 Autos):

VISA Booth:
1) LeVeon Bell - Handout Card.
2) Greg Olson - 2 Cards.

Panini Stage:
3) Greg Olson - a Card.
4) Trey Burton - 8x10 & Handout Card.
5) Jon Runyon - 8x10.
6) DeAngelo Williams - Handout Card.
7) Garry Cobb - 8x10 & Handout Card.
8) Tony Richardson - Handout Card.

9) Adam Schefter - a Card (signed but with an attitude that he would see it on Ebay that night BLAH                                BLAH BLAH).
LeVeon Bell, DeAngelo Williams & Jon Runyan items.

Trey Burton Signed items.

Garry Cobb signed items
Me & LeVeon Bell

Garry Cobb Signing.

Tony Richardson Signing
Trey Burton Signing

Q&A with Adam Schefter

Me with Greg Olson

Jon Runyan signing

Me with Jeremiah Trotter 

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