Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trade of 8 x 10's

I went to a card show in Ephrata, PA yesterday and meet up with a friend Ty from Pittsburgh we usually try and trade some stuff when we get together it wasn't a lot but I did add 7 new 8x10's to my collection the cost was 10 8x10's that I had in duplicate.  The Bill Virdon, Doug Drabek & Dick Groat cost me 2 for one as he thought they worth more then the players he was getting so pulled the trigger and the following are now mine.
1) Doug Drabek - Pittsburg Pirates.
2) Dick Groat Pittsburgh Pirates.
3) Adam LaRoche - Atlanta Braves.(No kid in this picture!)
4) Bill Virdon - New York Yankees.
5) Dave Wannstedt - Dallas Cowboys.
6) Jason Worilds - Pittsburgh Steelers.
7) Joe Vitale - Pittsburgh Penguins.

Drabek & Groat

LaRoche & Virdon

Wannstedt & Worilds

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