Saturday, June 6, 2015

Eagles @ Rockvale Outlet

Today I went to The Rockvale Outlet in Lancaster, Pa for the annual Philadelphia Eagles appearances at the Eagles Pro Shop as usual there was 4 signers at 2 different times and 4 different lines so not the best set-up but was able to get all four players today and with some help from other people in line that were not getting autographs was able to get 2 of Curry, Parkey & Matthews below are pictures from today and the items signed. The Matthews line was so slow that at the end he just got up and started to walk down the line and signing for each person not sure if he signed for everyone but was still quite a line when I got mine signed as you can see in the picture of him below he is standing.

Brandon Graham

Vinny Curry 

Cody Parkey

Jordan MAtthews

Vinny Curry Autographs

Brandon Graham Autograph

Cody Parkey Autographs

Jordan Matthews Autographs

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