Saturday, June 27, 2015

Darryl Strawberry in York, PA.

I went to the York Revolution Promotion tonight which was a faith and family night with the speaker being Darryl Strawberry.  The game was rained out as soon as they opened the gates at 5:30, to be made up as a double header with Bridgeport tomorrow at 5pm may go to that for autographs of both teams.  Darryl started off with a 20 minute or so speech on faith and family and then at 6:15 started signing autographs til about 7:30 was able to go through the line twice first time got a MLB ball signed and inscribed 83 NL ROY, The second time was at the end of the line and rules had loosened up a bit people handing him 3 cards so I gave him the 3 Magazines I had signed them all but with the abbreviated auto.  The line was not cut off so was going to get a friend one when a team worker said if you were already thru the line he wasn't letting us in again I said I was getting it for someone else and he said give to him and he would get it for me, that was fine with me.  Here are the items I got 4 for me and the game program for Andy. Notice difference in signature on Ball vs. Magazines.

Darryl Strawberry Autographed Ball

Darryl Strawberry Autographed S.I. Covers

Darryl Strawberry Autographed Magazines.

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