Friday, May 30, 2014

Sugar Land @ Lancaster 5/30/14

I went to Lancaster to do some pre-game autographing did well but did not get Tracy McGrady he was there and I saw him signing just wasn't able to get him, He was in the bullpen area and wasn't signing I was getting other players closer to the dugout he then started signing when i got there there was a group with a fence in between then he stopped signing so I went back to get other players I had cards of then he went to the dugout I heard he sighed getting off the bus and I saw him sign a few inside the stadium so may venture back tomorrow for the bus before the game.  Here is who I got.
1) Clint Everts - 3 Cards.
2) Brandon Wood - 9 Cards.
3) Chris Smith - 3 Cards.
4) Roy Corcoran - 2 Cards.
5) Ryan Langerhans - 9 Cards.
6) Jared Wells - a Card.
7) Rusty Ryal - 9 Cards.
8) Neil Medchill - a Card.
9) Nick Stavinoha - 5 Cards.
So not a bad couple of hours 9 players 42 cards.

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