Saturday, May 10, 2014

Baltimore Ravens Draft Party

A friend and I went to the Ravens Draft party on Thursday night cost with the ticket service fees was $22.  It Should have come with one autograph voucher but some how I screwed up or didn't see where I had to check off some box when ordering to get them so didn't have the voucher so the only autographs were from asking as players were coming and going from other attractions.  Torrey Smith I saw signed but he flat out told me he wouldn't sign for me guess he thinks I'm a dealer because he saw I had a book with my 8x10's in it and he commented I know what your doing???? apparently not Torrey but whatever, Was also blown off by Chris McAlister twice and once by Courtney Upshaw at the radio show not sure why you go to a fan events as a player and don't sign but it is what it is.  All in all it was only OK but with the Ravens becoming less and less fan friendly over the years ex. no camp any more you have to take what you can get when you can get it.  We were also asked by security and the police to leave the area before the gates opened where the players arrive after we got Gino Gradkowski. At the rummage sale I bought a Stadium Banner for $20 it is large the picture below is only showing half of it it has the Ravens head on one side and "Ravenstown" on the other.  So here is who/what I got.
1) Kyle Juszczyk (@ Photo Booth) - 3x5.
2) Kyle Richardson (@ Photo Booth) - 3x5.
3) Qadry Ismail (Outside) - a Card.
4) Jaime Sharper (Radio Show) - 3 Cards.
5) Bernard Pierce (Photo Booth) - a Jersey Card.
6) Ma'ake Kemoeatu (Photo Booth) - 4 Cards, 8x10 & Stadium Banner.
7) Gino Gradkowski (Outside) - 8x10.
Raven Cheerleaders:
8) Ali - Postcard.
9) Jackie - Postcard.
10) Sam - Postcard.


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