Friday, July 26, 2013

Sugar Land @ York 7/25/2013

I went to the beginning of the game last night to get some autographs, Since I just go the Skeeters in Lancaster the day before I decided to do the York side.  York had just activated Brett Tomko and he was the starter so was thinking he wouldn't be signing but when he came out I asked him and he said let me go to the dugout and I'll get ya on the way back I said I know you guys usually had a schedule and don't sign prior to a start he basically said at this point in his career autographs prior don't matter. I guess 40 years old and in independent league you have that outlook.  I had got the same earlier in the year from Scott Elarton. here is who I got last night:
1) Chris Cody - 2 pocket schedules.
2) Anthony Slama - a Card.
3) Mark Teahen - 6 Cards.
4) Brett Tomko - 8 Cards & a Program.
5) Ofilfo Castro - 3 Cards.
6) Juan Rincon - 6 Cards.
7) Chad Tracy - a Card.
8) Julio DePaula - 3x5.

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