Saturday, July 13, 2013

All-Star Fanfest July 12th 2013

Ed Kranepool at 2013 ASG Fanfest
Ed Charles at 2013 ASG Fanfest
John Franco at 2013 ASG Fanfest
Dwight Gooden at 2013 ASG Fanfest
A friend and I went up to the Javits center for the first day of Fanfest.  It was a long day leaving at 4am and getting home about midnight, but was a good time.  We got some autographs, Freebies and a Topps redemption. So all in all a good day. The following are the autographs I got:
At the Opening ceremony:
1) John Franco - Card.
2) Mookie Wilson - Card.
3) Edgardo Alfonso - 2 Cards.
Autograph stations:
4) Dwight Gooden - Ball.
5) Ed Charles - Card.
6) Art Shamsky - Card.
7) Ed Kranepool - Card.
8) John Franco - 2 Cards.
9) Rollie Fingers - Ball.
Negro League Players:
10) Dale Miller - 3x5.
11) Jim Robinson - 3x5.
12) Bob Scott - 3x5.
13) Pedro Sierra - 3x5.
Radio Shows:
14) Mike Lupica - 3x5.
15) Cliff Floyd - 5 Cards.
16) Joe Bengino - Event Schedule.
17) Evan Roberts - Event Schedule.
18) Jim Kramer - Big Foot Truck Driver.
It was nice that MLB Authentications were at each auto station and stickered/authenicated  each item signed at each autograph station.  The only people I missed were Steve Garvey and Darryl Strawberry as these were not MLB signers and were not really advertised at the fanfest we were in line for Fingers when we saw Strawberry come in by the time we got Fingers there was no way to get Darryl, pretty much same thing for Garvey.

Big Autograph Ball at 2013 ASG Fanfest

Franco, Wilson & Alfonso @ Opening Ceremony at 2013 ASG Fanfest

Opening Ceremony at 2013 ASG Fanfest


  1. Hey, looks like you did really well! I'm going to Fanfest on Monday and there are rumors for some current All Stars being there. Do you have any advice for how to get around and get as many autographs as possible? Thanks so much!

    1. Drew,
      It was basically line to line and waiting for the autographs most of the guys didn't sign when they left the stations as they had security with them saying there not signing as they walked. I'm thinking the lines and attendance will be more on Monday so you may want to big the guys you know you want and get there early. They took your name when you got in line and then verified you were on the list when you got to the stage to help keep people from cutting in line. Hey good luck I heard David Wright was going to be there but just a clinic not to sign? Let me know how you do. Dion