Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Gracious Few

Back in May I had a post about this band That was before the the album was released now it is out and there on tour thru the end of the year. If you liked Live or Candlebox I recommend you see them if they come to your town great show at a great price tickets were $12 at the door $10 in advance. after the show the band hung out and signed autographs not sure if they do this everywhere but this is there home area so a lot of family anf friends were in the house. I got a set-list and a pick from Bassist Patrick Dahlheimer and 2 picks from Guitarist Sean Hennesy.
As for autographs:
The Gracious Few:
1) Kevin Martin - 8x10, CD cover, CD & Set-List.
2) Chad Taylor - CD cover, CD & Set-List.
3) Chad Gracey - CD Cover, CD & Set-List.
4) Sean Hennesy - CD Cover, CD, pick & Set-List.
5) Patrick Dahlheimer - CD Cover, CD, Pick & Set-List (Added "This was my set list")
Opening band was Danielle Barbe I got a drumstick from the show so got it signed by the band after the show.

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