Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Dust in the Wind"

Classic Rock band Kansas was in town last night, so I went trying to score some autographs on my records for those of you to young to know, that is what music was put on a long long time ago!!!!! I had heard that Steve Walsh doesn't sign which as usually in this hobby you can't believe what you hear. I did get the the whole band with a little help Steve Walsh did sign he took the first sharpie and kept it to sign everything that happened to be a buddy of mines sharpie so when Phil Ehart came out and went straight into a car I hand him my sharpie since he didn't have one Phil signed for two people I was 3rd and he said I'm done have to go! he had signed 3 albums for mt friend with my sharpie so he offered to give me one what a guy! he is what I got:
Phil Ehart - 1 Album Cover.
Steve Walsh - 4 Album Covers & 2 Album Liners.
Rich Williams - 4 Album Covers & 2 Album Liners.
Billy Greer - 1 3x5.
Dave Ragsdale - 1 3x5.

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