Sunday, June 30, 2024

Long Island @ Lancaster

Today I went to the game to do pregame autographs Lancaster had 5 guys on the concourse signing so get them all on 3x5's as I didn't have anything for them.  As for Long Island I was able to get 3 players 2 were ones I went for Jackie Bradley Jr. since I realized from a friend that he was on a Sports Illustrated cover that I had from 2017, and Chance Sisco as I had a nice 8x10 and some cards since I missed him earlier in the week in York.  Below are who and what I got along with a nice picture of JBJ notice the glove is a Rawlings Gold Glove version.

  1. Jackie Bradley Jr. - Sports Illustrated Cover.
  2. Chance Sisco - 8x10 & 3 Cards.
  3. Frank Schwindel - 9 Cards. (Wasn't in lineup so signed everything offered him some since had doubles).
  4. Phillip Diehl - 2 3x5's.
  5. James Hoyt - 3x5.
  6. Kyle Johnson - 2 3x5's.
  7. Chad Sedio - 3x5.
  8. Brady Tedesco - 3x5.

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