Saturday, December 9, 2023

Toys for Tots # 2 - Capitals

Jim and I went to Prince Frederick Chrysler Jeep Dodge for the Toys for Tots event pretty straight forward donation some toys get some autographs of the Capital Alumni Braden Holtby (2 8x10's), Mike Green (4 8x10's), Karl Alzner (3 Cards) & Craig Laughlin (He was leaving as we were getting into the signing area, I got a card signed as he walked by and he had signed a stack of postcards so picked up 1 of those from the table).  Was from 12-2PM when you donated the toys they gave you a numbered wrist band and called 20 at a time so we were 230 so it took a while when you got to the table it was 1 person at a time so it was organized and the guys where friendly and signed  freely.  Nice event I have attended 4 signings at this dealership since 2018 usually have 2 a year.  See below for some pictures of signers and items.

Braden Holtby

Karl Alzner

Mike Green

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