Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Baseball Warehouse

On Sunday Jim and I went to the Grand Opening of the Rick Dempsey Baseball Warehouse Columbia location.  I many went for the autographs and of course the 2 I wanted were no shows, oh well there was 5 players there and I did wind up with 18 autographs.  The 2 that weren't their were Larry Bigbie & Tany Saunders.  The following is how was there and what I got signed.

  1. Rick Dempsey - 6 Cards, 3 8x10's, O's logo 8x10 & a Magazine Cover.
  2. Calvin Maduro - 2 team logo 8x10's & 2 postcards. 
  3. Al Bumbry - O's logo 8x10.
  4. Mike Bordick - O's logo 8x10.
  5. Tippy Martinez - O's logo 8x10.

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