Saturday, May 13, 2023

Southern Maryland Blue Crabs

I went to York last night to get post game autograph of the Blue Crabs as they don't play in Lancaster this season and the next time they are in York i'm away, Also this weekend was already booked up for Saturday & Sunday so it was last night or wouldn't get them in 2023.  I was able to get all 6 players/coaches I had items of which was nice.  In addition when I was getting Stan Cliburn he gave me the Line-up card so I decided to hang at the bus and get that signed as well.  All in all 27 different people and a total of 45 autographs with 27 being on the line-up which looks great signed,  now deciding if I want to get York on the other side.

Here are the 6 I had items for before the Line-up card.

  1. Stan Cliburn - 8x10 & a Card.
  2. Braxton Lee - 2 8x10's & 2 Cards.
  3. Daryl Thompson - an 8x10.
  4. Andre Scrubb - 3 Cards.
  5. James Dykstra - a Card.
  6. Ian Kahaloa - 7 Cards.

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