Thursday, February 10, 2022

Ghost & Volbeat

On February 8th I went to the Giant Center in Hershey, PA for the local co-headline concert of Ghost & Volbeat  with opening act Twin Temple. I didn't do any autographing for this event but did take some videos and took a few pictures I wasn't super close but was on the first level.  The opening act was on for about 30 minutes with both headliners on for about an hour and 20 minutes with Ghost ending the night not sure if they switch who is last or not but I was there for Ghost so worked for me, Was cool that Volbeat did a new song live for the first time ever "Say no More"(I also recorded this track and it's on my YouTube channel which I will link below.  Here are the 3 links to the set-lists.

Ghost -

Volbeat -

Twin Temple -




Twin Temple

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