Sunday, January 16, 2022

Nita Srauss

Mike & I went to see Nita Strauss in Concert last night at HMAC in Harrisburg, PA.  There was a total of 3 bands with opening acts being Abby K & Black Satellite.  Nita played for a little more then an hour the set.  I wasn't able to get her autograph but was able to get her set-list, pick & a drum stick from Josh Villalta he is also her Manager & Boyfriend.  Also got a drumstick and got it signed after the show by Black Satellite.

Link to Dead Inside Number 1 rock song on the current chart.

Link to the Queen cover The Show Must Go On:

Abby K

Black Satellite

Nita Strauss

Josh Vallalta & Dean

Nita Strauss

Kat Scarlett & Nita Strauss

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