Saturday, March 6, 2021

A Fish & A Graph

Today's mail was one envelope containing 2 cards that were purchased from @ NeilBurkhardt one is a 2017 Topps Heritage Mike Trout # 450 & the other is a 2016 Bowman Chrome Billy McKinney # CPA-BM. As for the Trout, I've seen on eBay that this maybe a SP but I also see one with him sliding into 3rd and that also says SP so not really sure either way I didn't have it and it cost less then I'm seeing on eBay so I'm good! 

** Ok I looked it up there are 4 different Trout's & all are SP's in the set this one is 450a, there is also b color swap, c which is the sliding and finally d which is a throwback jersey picture. 


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