Saturday, October 3, 2020

2 Twitter contest wins

 The first was for guessing how many staples were removed from a chair that @CardboardSushi was redoing,  I guessed 86 and the total was 87 so won by being closets.  For winning this cotest he sent me some cards from my PC teams so wound up with 20 cards of the Ravens & Angels along with a note saying The Flyers Suck Go Avs he is from Colorado so all good there.... Included was one autograph a college Panini Contenders # 251 of current Ravens linebacker Otaro Alaka.

The second win was a single rookie card of Jack Flaherty Bowman Chrome ROT Favorites.  This was won a while ago as you can see in the stamp it was marked on Sept. 1 & Sept. 10 It finally showed up in my mailbox on Oct. 2 so over a month. Just happy it arrived and it was safely delivered.

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