Saturday, August 22, 2020


 If your a regular you may have noticed that with each completed trade there is a number following each one these represent how many trades I have made this calendar year.  So with this pandemic and no in person autographs available, I figured I wanted to make more trades to add to my collection so I set a goal at 52 trades which is an average of 1 per week.  So as you can see I'm a little behind I currently stand at 16 completed trades with 2 more on there way so sitting at 18/52 since we are in week 34 current I'm a little behind achieving the goal.  So with that said if anybody wants to trade let me know what you have and what your looking for.  I can be contacted by email at Soskinfamily at yahoo dot com or DM on Twitter @DionSoskin.  The following is what I'd be looking for:

  1. Any company certified autographs - From any sport or non-sport, any year from any company pretty much anything I don't already have in my collection.
  2. Any card with players name of "Dion" that I don't already have.
  3. Any needed Tom Seaver card.
  4. Any needed Dan Marino card.
  5. Any needed Julius "Dr. J" Erving card.
  6. Any Carter Hart card.  

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