Sunday, November 10, 2019


Last night Ben & I went to Club XL in Harrisburg, PA for the Vixen show.  Opening act was Eternal Frequency a local band.  both bands after there sets came back into the club for Meet & Greets at merch tables.  I was able to get 2 Vixen Set-lists and a pick from Britt.

Eternal Frequency:
Vocals - Emelle (Mary Lynn Greger) - Signed Sticker & Drumstick.
Guitar - Eric Castillo  - Signed Sticker & Drumstick.
Guitar - A.J. Lopez I got a pick from A.J. - Signed Sticker & Drumstick.
Drums - Alex - Signed Sticker & Drumstick.

Roxy Petrucci - Drums Signed 2 set-lists, 2 CD's & 2 Booklets.
Share Ross - Bass Signed 2 set-lists, 2 CD's & 2 Booklets.
Britt Lightning - Guitar Signed 2 set-lists.
Lorraine Lewis - Singer Signed 2 set-lists.

How Much Love Video:

Cryin Video:

A.J. Lopez


Share Ross

Britt Lightning

Lorraine Lewis

Roxy Petrucci

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