Sunday, October 20, 2019

York Card Show

I went to a local card show yesterday it was embarrassingly small 3 dealers.  There was only one that anything I was interested in which included dime boxes that I pulled about 100 cards from mostly Ravens for autographs or alumni that I didn't have a couple PC cards.  There was also a couple rows of cards marked $3 & $2 each I started looking and the dealer said all a $1 each so found 11 autographs and jersey cards I wanted and offered $10. So not a bad deal spent about $20 total. 


  1. Nice haul considering your options were so limited!

  2. Love dollar autographs and relics. That's my jam.

    1. You and me both and the relics hoping to get signed since all Ravens

  3. Three dealers? That ain't much of a show, but as Dennis already pointed out, you ended up coming home with a lot more than one would think from such a "show".