Monday, September 30, 2019

Ravens Fantennial

Last Saturday the Ravens held there NFL 100 event in Baltimore I couldn't attend the event I had a wedding to go to.  With that said Dave and Ryan were nice enough to get some stuff signed for me out of the 40 alumni players announced about 32 actually should and the one I needed was Milton Wynn, Dave got me a 3x5 and Ryan got my a Topps Total card the one I had in my collection was from Ryan that he got TTM after seeing him sign he thought someone else may have signed his mail.
Here is the list of who they got me:
1) Milton Wynn - Card & 3x5.
2) Randy Hymes - Yearbook Page.
3) James Trapp - 8x10 & 3x5.
4) Obafemi Ayanbadejo - 3x5.
5) Romby Bryant - 3x5.
6) Will Demps - 3x5.
7) Kim Herring - 3x5.
8) Terry Jones Jr. - 3x5.
9) Harold Morrow - 3x5.
10) Tony Pashos - 3x5.
11) Brian Rimpf - 3x5.
12) Gerome Sapp - 3x5.

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