Monday, April 22, 2019

Houston Astros vs. Texas Rangers

I went on vacation a nice 4 day weekend to Grand Praire, TX. while there we took in the Saturday game which included a Michael Young Bobblehead and Todd Van Poppel alumni signing.  Rangers scored 5 in the first and won the game 9-4. Joey Gallo homered and doubled in the game and was player of the week this week. 

Todd Van Poppel

Michael Young Bobblehead

Lexus Terrace seats Sec. 210

AT&T Stadium (Jerry's World)

Globe Life Park

Construction of New Stadium


  1. I’m going to have to pick up one of those bobbles on ebay. I usually go to games with giveaways, but these last couple of seasons have been difficult to get away for them. I’ve never tried graphing at the alumni alley - how was the line/wait?

    1. Hey I have 2 of these if you want to trade for one lmk. also the autograph line wasn't bad they have tickets they hand out prior and I think he signed for 45 minutes to an hour.