Saturday, February 2, 2019

2019 Topps S1

Today I went and bought some new Topps S1 a box and a couple packs a total of 149 cards for about $30.  The box was 99 cards and included a Commemorative Patch card, One pack was 16 cards other was 34 cards. I got these at Walmart as Target didn't have anything on there shelves, the Walmarts packs have some Ronald Acuna Jr. Exclusives. I like the design and the photography so there's that....

 Boxes and packs:

Here are the Inserts from the box a couple Acuna Exclusives, 3 Gradpefruit Legend Greats(Robinson, Brett & Betts), a Foil(Bundy), a HR Challenge(Lindor), 2 1984's(Severino & Chapman), a Greatest Seasons(Martinez), a Greatness Returns(Jeter/Torres), I think the Votto is an SP & The Henderson Manu-Patch.

Here is the best of the rest of the box:

Here are the inserts from the 34 card pack:

Here are the inserts from the 16 card pack:

Here are the Best of the 16 & 34 card packs Rookies/Future Stars:

Let me know what you think of these a total of 10 packs 149 cards about $30.00 spent.  My thoughts are no Autos, No 150th, no real big names as an Angels fan would have been nice for a Trout, Ohtani or even a Pujols.  I'm thinking everything I pulled will be found in dime boxes as soon as the next local card show so figure I might have gotten $10-$15 worth for $30 a solid box.... which is why I general don't but them I know better but with snow on the ground and seeing 2019's on twitter figured why not this is why would have done better buying autos off Ebay for $
Also if anyone knows how to identify the SP & SSP lmk maybe I missed something kind of remember it beingthe micro small number on back bottom of card......

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