Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Three of us went to The Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA to see Ghost, the show time was 8 PM with no opening act which was nice.  They played almost 3 hours with about a 10-15 minute break between Act 1 & 2.  This was a general admission show but it had 4 different levels of GA.  We didn't want to stand for the whole show so we didn't do the pit area, we did the orchestra lower level and we were about 5 rows back just off center so was a great view. below is the full set-list and some pictures. T-shirt were $40 inside so didn't get one, but did get one for $10 after show outside.
Act 1:
Recording Klara stjärnor
Recording Miserere Mei, Deus
1) Ashes
2) Rats
3) Absolution
4) Idoltraine
5) Riual
6) Con Clavi Con Dio
7) Per Aspera ad inferi
8) Devil Church
9) Cirice
10) Miasma
11) Jigolo Har Megiddo
12) Pro Memoria
13) Witch Image
14) Life Eternal
Act 2:
Recording - Masked Ball
15) Spirit
16) From the Pinnacle to the Pit
17) Majesty
18) Satan Prayer
19) Faith
20) Year Zero
Recording - Spoksonat
21) He Is
22) Mummy Dust
23) If you have Ghosts
24) Dance Macabre
25) Square Hammer
26) Monstrance Clock
Recording - The Host of Seraphim
Ghost - Cardinal Copia in Black 

Mummy Dust
Cardinal Copia in White

Cardinal Copia in Red

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