Sunday, September 23, 2018

Broncos @ Ravens

Dave and I went to the Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens game today weather was horrible as it rained the whole day, but the Ravens won 27-14 moving to 2-1 on the season.  It was Ray Lewis day they had a HOF Coin giveaway and Ray received his HOF ring at halftime.  With the weather what it was we didn't do pre or post game autographs.  The only autos we did was the Broncos and Ravens radio people so I got 2 cards of Dave Logan who does radio for the Broncos and we went to an inside radio show with Dennis Pitta who signed 3 cards as we were waiting for a break in the radio show was also able to get 6 of the Ravens Playmakers postcards signed.  So not much of a day for graphs after the game I did get a skull cap from Za'Darius Smith and gave it to a kid of a family that sits behind me.  So not a bad day could have been better with better weather but a win, /a giveaway & ring ceremony was all great!

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