Sunday, March 11, 2018

Card Show Pick ups

Saturday morning I went to a local one day show at the mall wasn't many dealers less than 10..... So wasn't a lot of what I was looking for which is older baseball commons one dealer had a couple Baseball & Football dime boxes.  I went through and picked 35 cards another dealer had  $1 & $2 box pull 6 from those and another dealer that makes plaques had a dime box and pull 10 from there including an Auto never pass a dime auto up.  Total damage was 51 cards for $9.50.  Couple of highlights are the PC Tom Seaver 2014 Panini Crusade #'d 01/50, Connor McDavid 16-17 UD Canvas, Kobe Bryant 1997-98 UD, 2013 Panini R&S Brad Sorensen Auto & 2014Panini Donruss Reymond Fuentes Auto. Everything else is Ravens or Numbered cards.


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