Wednesday, February 28, 2018

L.A. Guns

On February 24th Everett and I went to see L.A. Guns at Reverb in Reading PA was a good show too many opening acts 4 missed the 1st ans beginning of the 2nd but the L.A. Guns set was great with 16 songs all the good ones and played almost an hour and a half.  Stayed a little after the show attempting for Autographs was able to  get 2 of the 5 and neither of the main guys Phil Lewis or Tracii Guns so not a home run.  Was able to get Guitarist Michael Grant ans drummer Shane Fitzgibbon was also able to get a pick from the Bassist Johnny Martin.  This was surprisingly a Groupon show so was $15 for 2 tickets so well worth it.
1) The Devil Made Me Do It.
2) Electric Gypsy.
3) No Mercy.
4) Over the Edge.
5) Bitch is Back.
6) Sex Action.
7) The Flood's The Fault of The Rain.
8) Speed.
9) One More Reason.
10) Don't Look at Me That Way.
11) Purple Rain. (Prince Cover).
12) Malaria.
13) Never Enough.
14) Jelly Jam.
15) The Ballad of Jayne.
16) Rip and Tear.

Phil Lewis

Shane Fitzgibbon

Tracii Guns

Johnny Martin

L.A. Guns Farewell

Michael Grant & Tracii Guns
Michael Grant & Shane Fitzgibbon Autographs

Johnny Martin Pick

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