Monday, December 11, 2017

Sleazy Slimey Series - Holiday Six Pack

 Ben and I went to the Holiday Six Pack Concert at The Cancun Cantina in Hanover, Md yesterday Featuring 6 bands 5 of which are regional bands and the headliner and the real reason we went was to see Tora Tora who haven't been in the area for 25+ years and is one of Ben's had to see.  We went for the VIP Meet & Greet which started at 2:30 with the end of the actual concert about 10:30 so it was a long day of good music food and some NFL football in between bands on the TV's. As part of the Meet & Greet each person received a concert poster to get signed and each band was at a table for signing and pictures.  A couple of the bands Chatterbox and Tubefreeks handed out some free CD's was also able to get 4 picks 2 from Chris Clark of Babylon Shakes 1 from Brian Murray of Tubefreeks and 1 from Speed of Silvertung, was also able to get a Silvertung drumstick from Danno.  See below for what I got signed from each band and some pictures. 

Tora Tora - Set-List

Tora Tora:
Anthony Corder - Poster, 8x10 & CD Booklet.
Anthony Corder
Keith Douglas - Poster, 8x10 & CD Booklet.
Keith Douglas
Patrick Francis - Poster, 8x10 & CD Booklet.
Patrick Francis
John Patterson - Poster, 8x10 & CD Booklet.
John Patterson

Speed - Poster, Drumstick & Postcard.
Codey - Poster, Drumstick & Postcard.
Skoot - Poster, Drumstick & Postcard.
Danno - Poster, Drumstick & Postcard.

Paul Van Valkenburgh - Posted, CD & CD Booklet.
Geoff Burrell - Posted, CD & CD Booklet.
Brian Murray - Posted, CD & CD Booklet.
Todd Stevens - Posted, CD & CD Booklet.
Jon Weed - Posted, CD & CD Booklet.

Billy Kidd - Posted, CD & CD Booklet.
Kevin Griner - Posted, CD & CD Booklet.
George Detor - Posted, CD & CD Booklet.
Mike Humphrey - Posted, CD & CD Booklet.

Babylon Shakes
Babylon Shakes:
Chris Clark - Poster & Band Coozie.
Jeff Mortimer - Poster & Band Coozie.
Gary Jordan - Poster & Band Coozie.

James Ryder - Poster.
Dennis Torrent - Poster.
Andrew Bloch - Poster.
Matt Hass - Poster.

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