Saturday, October 1, 2016

Oakland Raiders

I have a friend Mike who is a life long Raiders fan and with them playing the Ravens tomorrow he was going to the hotel in Baltimore so I went along for the ride and to see if I could get a few autographs.  It started out looking like it would be a wash out since it was drizzling to pouring down rain the whole ride down.  We got to the hotel and didn't look like anything was going on there, but we ran into a couple out graphers we know so we hung out most of the day under the hotel over hang stayed dry and got a few autographs.  A total of 17 players and 22 autographs.
The following is what I got:
1) Seth Roberts - Team Logo & a Card.
2) Tom Flores - Team Logo.
3) Jim Plunkett - Team Logo.
4) Antonio Hamilton - Team Logo.
5) Connor Cook - Team Logo & 2 Cards.
6) Lee Smiith - Team Logo.
7) Jalen Richard - Team Logo & 3x5.
8) Darnell Sankey - Team Logo.
9) Willie Brown (HOF 84) - Team Logo.
10) Donald Penn - Team Logo.
11) Ben Heeney - Team Logo.
12) Demetrius Cherry - Team Logo.
13) Reggie McKenzie (G.M.) - Team Logo & 3x5.
14) Malcolm Smith - a Card.
15) Jihad Ward - a Card.
16) Rob Moore - a Card.
17) Alec Lemon - a Card. (Not a Raider, was there to see Rob Moore both Syracuse Alumni & I just happen to have his card with me).

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