Wednesday, September 14, 2016

York @ Lancaster

A buddy of mine invited me to the Revolution at Barnstormers game last night, and who can turn down a free night of baseball in a suite with free food and a stadium giveaway of a Milton S. Hershey Bobblehead and some autographs and a bench clearing get together which didn't come to anything more. So much goodness in one night a little bit of everything!
The following are the autographs I got:
1) Michael Rockett - Program Cover.
2) Kevin Aherns - 2 Cards.
3) Cory Burns - a Card.
4) Kristopher (K.C.) Hobson - 2 Cards.
5) Mike Jacobs - 4 Cards.
6) Trayvon Robinson - a Card.
7) Caleb Gindl - a 3x5.
8) Jeff Kobernus - a 3x5.
9) Zach Staniewicz - a 3x5.

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