Saturday, June 4, 2016

Philadelphia Eagles @ Rockvale

Today I went to the annual event at the Eagles Store at the Rockvale Outlets in Lancaster, PA.  It was the usual 4 players at 2 times but 4 lines so a day of going from line to line to get each player.  Mychal Kendricks had to cancel with a family emergency and was replaced by Nelson Agholor. The other three players were Beau Allen, Eric Rowe & Jordan Hicks. It was one player auto per person I was able to get through the Allen & Rowe line twice and was able to have people that didn't have anything for Rowe and Hicks so made out pretty well.
1) Eric Rowe - 2 8x10's and an Event advertising picture.
2) Jordan Hicks - 2 8x10's.
3) Beau Allen - 2 8x10's.
4) Nelson Agholor - 3x5.
5) Dana - Cheerleader Postcard.
6) Janel - Cheerleader Postcard.

Beau Allen Signed 8x10's
Beau Allen
Jordan Hicks

Jordan Hicks Signed 8x10's
Eric Rowe

Eric Rowe Signed 8x10's

Agholor 3x5 & Rowe Event Sign
Nelson Agholor Signing

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