Sunday, April 17, 2016

Reading @ Harrisburg plus Vlad Guerrero

Last Night I went to Harrisburg Senators game vs. the Reading Fightin Phils. Along with the game the giveaway was a Vladimir Guerrero Bobble head and they inducted Vlad into their hall of fame retired his # 27 the cool thing with the hall of fame is that in the stadium they will be putting life-size bobble heads of each inductee of which Vlad is the 1st later in the year Cliff Floyd and Bryce Harper will go in. Vlad was also to do a free signing of a commemorative 8x10 card which was in Harrisburg uniform so not a bad item would have preferred a MLB ball.  He also did a for pay signing after the free one for $50 a pop so passed on that after getting 3 of the free ones(figured could trade a couple) since these are limited to 1,500 the same amount as the bobble heads.  Also stayed after the game to try for Reading players. The following is who and what I got signed.
1) Vladimir Guerrero - 3 8x10's.
2) Reynaldo Lopez - 4 Cards.
3) Gary Thurman - 3 Cards.
4) J.P. Crawford - a Card.
5) Dylan Cozens - 4 Cards.
6) Roman Quinn - 3 Cards.
7) Rhys Hoskins - a Card.
8) Harold Martinez - 5 Cards.
9) Christian Marrero - a Card.
10) Logan Moore - a Card.
11) Ben Lively - 2 Cards.
12) Alec Asher - 3x5.
13) Jesmuel Valentin - 3x5.
14) Yacksel Rios - 3x5.
15) Angelo Mora - 3x5.
16) Joely Rodriguez - 3x5.
17) Aaron Brown - 3x5.
18) Ricardo Pinto - 3x5.
OK this might be a 1st I lost 2 autographs I know I got Anthony Vasquez and KC Serna on 3x5's got home and there no where to be found oh well lesson learned I guess.

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