Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mike Scioscia's 11th annual Golf Tournament

My brother and I went to California this past weekend and played in Mike Scioscia's Golf Tournament on Monday November 10th.  Didn't play very well but the weather was nice and warm so was great to end my golf for the year probably will not play again until April 2015 have to hate the winters in the northeast.  I was able to get a few autographs while at the tournament, here is the list of what I got.
1) Ron Roenicke - a Card.
2) Ed Farmer - a Card.
3) Mark Gubicza - 10 Cards.
4) Kramer Sneed - 3x5.
5) Hank Conger - 3x5.
6) Rene Gonzales - 3x5.
7) Jose Mota - 3x5.
8) Mark Trumbo - 3x5.
9) Ryan Wetnight - 3x5.
10) Mike Scioscia - Tournament photo & Bat.

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  1. Looks like a good time. Bet you had a rude awakening coming back to the cold weather.