Monday, September 15, 2014

Purchased 8x10's

Along with a buddy of mine we purchased 2 sets of 12 autographed 8x10's 10 are PSA/DNA authenticated and the other 2 are TriStar authenticated.  The total cost of these was $34.85 for the 12 so not bad for $2.91 each.
1) Will Allen New York Giants.
2) Chris Baker New York Jets.
3) Chris Chambers Miami Dolphins.
4) Trent Green Kansas City Chiefs.
5) Brad Johnson Washington Redskins.
6) Ashley Lelie Denver Broncos.
7) Dominic Rhodes Oakland Raiders.
8) Jay Saldi Dallas Cowboys.
9) Matt Schaub Atlanta Falcons.
10) Chris Simms Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
11) Keshawn Martin Houston Texans.
12) Vance McDonald San Francisco 49ers.


  1. Did you guys buy these from Insider Sports? I've picked up a few of their "autographed photo" lots over the years. I only ask because I have several of these photos... Chris Chambers, Trent Green, Brad Johnson, Dominic Rhodes, and Ashley Lelie from a package I bought last year (or maybe the year before).

    1. Yeah that's it. If I remember correctly... they usually have some pretty cool Black Friday deals.